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Realtors®, Real Estate Brokers, Buyers and Sellers are targets for wire fraud and many have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because they simply relied on the wire instructions received via email.

A hacker will break into a licensee’s email account to obtain information about upcoming real estate transactions. After monitoring the account to determine the likely timing of a close, the hacker will send an email to the buyer, posing either as the escrow agent or as the licensee. The fraudulent email will contain new wiring instructions or routing information, and will request that the Buyer send funds accordingly.

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Local Real Estate Trends

Discover What's New and Interesting in Our Backyard
Local CRE Trends

Montana is home to one of Fidelity National Title Group’s most dynamic title brands and real estate teams. Chicago Title Montana serves the residential and commercial real estate industry. Our offices are strategically located throughout Montana, and includes teams that live and work in the area.

Our team of professionals works in all facets of the real estate industry, providing best-in-class real estate services to buyers and sellers in the area, as well as the real estate professionals, lenders, builders and attorneys that work alongside them. In addition to our commitment to the residents of Montana, we provide commercial services to investors who help keep our economy strong.

Discover what’s new and interesting in our backyard in the latest real estate news, provided courtesy of the Newsdesk.

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